Free Fusion 360 Push Sticks Model / Plans

These thin-style push sticks are intended for handling short boards (under 12″) on my table saw. They are based off of Metthias Wandel’s post available here.

Here are what they looked like after routing the edges, some sanding and the application of tung oil.

Download Link:

Free Fusion 360 Workbench Plans

I needed a sturdy, easy-to-build workbench for my new woodworking shop. I decided to design mine to be 90″ long by 30″ wide by 37 1/2″ high. I used Fusion 360 to  create the design. There’s a bit of learning curve with any CAD/CAM but I particularly like this one as it’s free for hobbyists and enthusiasts. Feel free to use, modify or change these plans as you wish.

Download Link: